Buck and Doe

A "Buck and Doe " is a party thrown for a couple getting married often to help them raise some cash for the cost of the wedding. Just as ours is an unconventional wedding date, so also is our Buck and Doe. This is not to raise money for our wedding and tickets are not required. There will not be a Toonie Toss. This Bock et Biche is in lieu of a bachelor/ bachelorette party with the sole intent of giving our guests the privilege of stocking the bar at the wedding with beverages of their choice.

All of the alcohol consumed at the wedding must be brought in at least an hour before the celebration starts. Rather than have some generic spirits and too much beer that won't be consumed, we would rather you have whatever it is you will want to drink during our wedding and reception.

This party will be hosted by our wonderful friends, Albert and Shayla Womble. March 17, 2023